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Top Five Reasons to Apply to Hamilton

December 6, 2012   

So you are debating whether or not to apply to Hamilton? After I consulted some of my best friends, here are some of the reasons why you should:

1.     Close-knit community: This was by far the number one answer, according to my friends, and I could not agree more. Our college has about 1,800 students, and there are always familiar faces in  class, in the dining halls or just walking across campus. I know I have made some of my best friends here, and they aren’t just my college friends, they’re my lifelong friends. If your concern is that the college is too small, every year a class graduates and a new class enters, so there are always 450 new faces to meet.  

2.     Open curriculum: The open curriculum means that there are no core requirements or classes necessary to graduate. I find that when I am sitting in a classroom of nine to 15 students, there are livelier discussions and participation, in part, because of my peers’ genuine interest in the course material. In high school I was never a biology guy, and I knew that if I took these courses in college, I’d be miserable. Luckily I do not have to at Hamilton.

3.     Rigorous work with helpful resources: If you want to be academically challenged and pushed to be the best you can be as a scholar and student, then Hamilton is the place for you. You will always be held accountable by both your professors and yourself. The best part is that the work may be hard, but there is always help. Whether it’s professors or fellow students, there is always someone  right there with you. I’ll always remember my Issues in Microeconomics when I struggled, and my friends in the residence halls who were willing to go through the material with me until I finally understood it.

4.     Gorgeous campus: This is an understatement. Hamilton is 200 years of beautiful. Whether you are walking into the Science Center, admiring Root Hall as you are walking by or sitting in Opus with friends over coffee and paper writing, our college will never disappoint you aesthetically. Our good- looking campus is complemented by good-looking people - but actually, come for a tour.

5.     Study abroad (or in the United States in DC or NYC or Boston): Any country, anywhere. Yup including Antarctica! If you’re looking to go as far as Vietnam or as close as Washington, D.C. (where I currently am), then the choices are yours. So many of my friends have gone or are going to Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Madagascar, China, Vietnam, Costa Rica - the list goes on - but you get the idea.

Bonus reason: Once a Hamilton student, always a Hamilton student. I have found that the alumni network is a phenomenal resource that I will use after graduation. Whether it’s trying to find employment or sharing experiences and stories, an alum is always willing to help.