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Environmental Frenzy

February 27, 2012   

Hamilton is amidst a very intense energy battle.  Who will win?  Despite the co-op’s earthy nature, we have seldom won in the past couple of years.  The winner is the residence hall that can reduce their energy usage the most since the previous month, not the residence hall that uses the least amount of energy total. 

The Co-op has taken energy saving to a whole new level.  We have cooked in the dark, eaten in the dark, used the washroom in the dark, and kept our cheese outside.  We were initially quite nonchalant about the whole idea.  Then, as we edged closer to 1st place, an environmental frenzy gripped us and has continued to do so.  I also may not be helping.  After turning off each individual light in the house and unplugging all the appliances, I was not satisfied.  I waltzed over to the fuse box and peered around.  Bingo!  The emergency lights.  I switched them off and darkness quickly crept into every nook and cranny.  Only the moonlight shone through the window.  I walked back into the kitchen and was greeted by a wave of applause. Yes, I went there. 

When I looked at the energy-tracking map, I was not surprised to see that the co-op’s energy usage had dropt from 8 kWa at 6:15 to 0 kWa at 6:45.  Oops. 

Of 6 schools in New York State who are in the competition, Hamilton is currently first!  Take that Colgate.