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Clearly a result of mild seasonal depression

October 24, 2006   

    Central New York is going gray.   It’s so cold and dreary that even the poor Martin’s Way Cat seems to have abandoned its feline snobbishness in favor of human affection.  And who can blame it?  I'll certainly confess to needing a hug or two in times like these.  Sometimes it’s hard just getting up in the morning—but, as the poet says, “one must have a mind of winter” to live in Clinton, NY. 
    I’ll have to do a better job of seizing the day when the snow does begin to fall.  I’ve never been one for winter sports, but that is slowly changing.  I like snugby (rugby played in the snow) and might give snowshoeing a try, but both those activities pale in comparison to a day at the beach.  Oh, California.  How I miss you.  
    Enough about weather.  School is busy busy busy busy.  Between thinking of LSATS, grades, and my place in the world, there’s not a whole lot of space left over for leisurely activity.  Although, my favorite leisurely activity is complaining, and I always seem to make time for that. 
    But can I really complain?  The weekend went well; both the men and women’s rugby teams won their games and will go on to the state finals.  Of course, owing to a broken leg and a sheer lack of energy, I had no part in either victory.  Oh no—did I just allow a complaint to sneak into this paragraph?  Sorry, I’ll try to be more careful next time.  There was also a lovely reunion for HCAYS (Hamilton Academic Year in Spain) students.  Lots of wine and reminiscing, none of which I could fully enjoy since I let myself fall so far behind in work.  Damn it—another complaint!  That’s two in a row.  I’ll stop now.  I promise.  Okay, just one more complaint.  I aced my first literature paper of the semester, thus setting the bar unfavorably high for the rest of the year.   Woe is me.