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The Little Pub

January 29, 2010   For lunch, that is. Since I'm not 21, I've never been there at night (plus, I don't drink). But The Little Pub serves lunch, which is a completely different story. Most people don't know much about it, or for some strange reason they don't eat there very often. In fact, I didn't know about it until my second semester freshman year, when I went for the first time with some friends.

Not that Hamilton's dining halls aren't great, but somehow pub lunch assuages my appetite in a teriffically satsfying way. Partly because the food is fantastic — among the choices (which change daily) are pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches (with a selection of spreads and high-quality tuna which is super yummy), cookies, fish (actually really good) and fruit. The fruit is especially delectable when it comes in the form of fruit salad — something Commons and McEwen don't serve often outside of breakfast hours.

When I went to pub lunch today, I walked in the door, face red and raw from the single-digit temperatures outside. I definitely had a hankering for hot chocolate. Lo and behold, I sat down with my food and minutes later, one of the pub's employees came around with a tray of cups containing peppermint hot chocolate. "Praise be to God!!" I exclaimed in my head. "Hamilton sure knows how to make me happy." Okay, so I didn't actually think that, or else you'd probably think that I am a total nutjob. But it was something along those lines. I did realize, though, that I really love the pub and its atmosphere (which is very authentic and cozy), and that I should really go more often. If you visit campus in the midst of your college search, you should go to the pub and see how awesome it is. My orchestra conductor invited us all to chat there after a concert once, so it's clear that both students and professors think of it as a very social place where different members of the community can comingle and have a good time!