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Why I Applied to Hamilton

November 16, 2012   

So when I was applying to schools, I already knew that I wanted to be an English major. With that in mind, I tended to judge by favorites based on what tour guides and admissions representatives could tell me about their schools’ English departments. Both my parents were very involved in the application process, so when my mother got an email from a little college down the road from Colgate (another school on my list) with a dedication to writing, she encouraged me to apply. I already had 11 schools on my list; I didn’t really want to.

She insisted. And I’m glad she did.

I fell in love with Hamilton the moment after stepping on campus (even though I had basically decided on Colgate at that point) – the people, the faculty, the town – but the best part of the college was the absolute dedication to writing, regardless of major. There was also the fact that I could choose between an English major and a Creative Writing major, and that Hamilton had a Writing Center where peer tutors provide one-on-one help with papers and such. I forgot Colgate in a heartbeat, and hopped on board the Continental Express. (Geddit? It’s funny ‘cause we’re the Hamilton Continentals! I’ll stop with the puns now.)

And, because my mother insisted on adding Hamilton as my 12th application, I am now attending the second best college for writers in the country (according to CollegeDegree.com), majoring in English, making frequent visits to the Writing Center and watching as my writing improves on a daily basis. In short – I owe my mother so, so much.