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A Long Weekend Pt.1

December 11, 2009   What better way to spend a long weekend than by discovering parts of Madrid I haven’t seen before? My thoughts exactly, discover Madrid!

After a hectic weekend spent traveling in Paris and Amsterdam, this weekend I took some time to discover all the recovecos (nooks and crannies) of Madrid. On Friday, my friends and I went to a pueblo (town) outside of Madrid called Xanadú where we went to a mall! I know this may seem silly, but I haven’t been to a mall in I don’t even know how long! At least on the hill I could catch the jitney (for free) down to the New Hartford Shopping Center and check out H&M, Bath & Body Works and Abercrombie & Fitch to name a few, however, to find a mall here in the city of Madrid has so far been impossible. My friends and I met up at the Principíe Pio metro station and took the bus for 2,25€ to the Xanadú Centro Comercial.

While I had my doubts at first about this place, it was so cool, and huge! The shopping center not only had great stores, including my new favorite since London, Primark, and a fantastic food court, but also had an indoor ski slope, yes, I said indoor ski slope, that you can ski on year round, a bowling alley, and laser tag. What more could you ask for in a shopping center? After shuffling around the mall for hours, and feeling regenerated by the retail therapy we indulged in, we got back on the bus and showed off our wares to one another.

Later that night we went to a Flamenco dinner and show next to el Mercado de San Miguel near Plaza del Sol and la Plaza Mayor, right in the heart of the city. The restaurant was super easy to find and the show was genial (amazing)! The dancers were so good! I wanted to go up and take a picture with all of them, however, I was a little embarrassed considering I walked in on the lead male dancer in the bathroom after incorrectly reading the men and women’s restroom signs. Woops!! Needless to say, I was a little embarrassed!

After our action packed Friday, Saturday was a little more calm. I went to a baptism with Ivonne and Luis (my host family) and then went with them and all of the guests from the baptism to an Italian restaurant in another town outside of Madrid called Pozuelo. The food was so delicious, and the waiters just kept brining more and more and more of it! By the time we had dessert and coffee, I was stuffed fuller than a turkey! Since I don’t want to bog you down with too much writing all at once, stay tuned for part two of A Long Weekend!

Highlight of the Day: 2-Day Week!!!