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A Long Weekend Pt.2

December 11, 2009   Picking up from where I last left off, Sunday was a day spent at el Rastro, Madrid’s world-renowned flea market. If you are ever in Madrid, el Rastro, conveniently located close to La Latina metro stop should definitely be on your list of places to go! Every Sunday from 9:30ish until 3:30ish el Rastro has everything you could ever imagine, pets, scarves, fans, leather goods, suits of armor, lamps, furniture! You name it, and they’ve got it! I successfully bought some snazzy designed stockings (all the rage these days) and a few scarves as gifts for family and friends.

If you don’t like large crowds however, el Rastro can be a bit overwhelming! Also, watch out for pick-pockets! Since Monday and Tuesday were both holiday’s my friend and I went to El Escorial, which is a monastery outside of the city of Madrid. This is also the resting place of all past kings and queens of Spain, as well as royal children that have passed away. Even though Monday was drizzling and cold, the two of us braved the weather and took the hour-long bus ride to El Escorial. Once there we had a guided tour of the palace of Felipe II (which in comparison to other palaces is not so grand) the mausoleum of the royal families, the gardens, the basilica, the museum of art and the library! I know this sounds like a lot, however they were all in the same place, El Monastario del Escorial.

At the end of the day, with fingers numb with cold, my friend and I made the decision to treat ourselves to fresh and hot churros y chocolate! A must have here in Spain. Basically this tasty treat is fried dough sprinkled with sugar (the churro part), and you dip this into thick, rich, creamy hot chocolate! Yumm! On Tuesday, I decided to take my day of rest after running around Madrid non-stop for 4 days! All in all this was a weekend well spent!

Highlight of the Day: A Stress free finals week!