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Gender & Cyberculture

April 7, 2010   I'm really glad the study of pop culture has become an accepted part of academic study. Without it, my Gender and Cyberculture class probably wouldn't exist. Each week, we study a different cultural object, slowly making our way from the 1980s (where the idea of cyberspace first emerged) to the World Wide Web of today. Along the way, we analyze and study how technology is changing (or not) our ideas of the physical body and gender.

So far, we have studied Blade Runner, Strange Days, slash fandom and Aliens. To come is — Halo, Tomb Raider, Teknolust, 4chan.org and the blogs of lonelygirl15.

The ironic, or interesting, part of the class is that it is half discussion, half Web-based activity. Our only project for the semester is the creation of a Web site to educate individuals about the links between gender and technology. My focus is on the blogs of lonelygirl15, or Bree. While we haven't formally discussed Bree in class, I have already begun watching her videos on YouTube and reading up on the series history and writing content for the Web site.

At the end of the semester, I will definitely post the link to our site!