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End of Another Year

May 19, 2013   

It’s the end of my sophomore year! About one hour ago, I finished up my last exam, and tomorrow I pack up and head for home. This semester has gone by so fast, and so much has happened. Before I pass out in my nice, comfy bed, though, I figured I’d write one last journal entry.

The past couple of weeks have been hectic, but as things have been coming to an end on the Hill, there’s been a flurry of events and activities to fill what little free time we had between final papers and projects -- thesis presentations, senior performances, even impromptu poetry readings from some of the creative writing classes, just to name a few.

But the best event of them all was the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert. Free for the Hamilton community, this concert was what we students had been looking forward to for months. It’s the biggest concert we’ve had in a while, and boy was it fantastic. The stage was visible from wherever you were standing, the opening acts were wonderful, and the star himself, Macklemore, was energetic and as talented as ever.

But the concert’s over, just like the semester, and it’s time to say goodbye. I’ll miss my friends, but what’s three months, really? Before I know it, I’ll be back on the Hill, my home away from home.