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A Walk Down Memory Lane

December 11, 2009   As application deadlines are fast approaching, and early decision 1 verdicts are coming out, I know nerves are running high, and hopes and dreams are dangling in the air. I too was once in this position, and felt the same anxieties over college admission. What if my essay doesn’t send the right message? Did I spell check everything? Is this really the school I want to go to? All of these questions raced through my mind while I awaited my ED1 acceptance letter to Hamilton.

I applied ED1 because after visiting Hamilton the summer before my senior year in a torrential rain and thunder storm, somehow, I knew this place was right for me. My tour guide was so exuberant, and made the seemingly massive campus appear like a cozy comfy place where everyone got along perfectly, classes were a breeze, and everything was as it should be. Even though Hamilton is not this utopia that I believed it to be, it is still a wonderful place that has lead me to learn some of those life lessons college is supposed to teach you.

Through Hamilton I met one of my best friends for life, I was able to get involved and take leadership roles in countless clubs and organizations, travel to Tanzania with my Women’s Studies Tanzania Field Study/Seminar class, and study abroad in Madrid on one of the best study abroad programs in the country, HCAYS. While sometimes I get frustrated with the cold and the snow, and sometimes wish we had more people, or that Clinton New York was bigger, I know that Hamilton was and still is the place for me. For all you seniors out there, I promise that whatever school you do end up attending is the place that is meant for you to grow and explore and learn those life lessons that college is all about! So congratulations, and good luck on your college process! Before you know it you’ll be graduating!

Shout out of the Day: My brother Zimmerman and all the other seniors out there working hard on those college apps. You’re almost done!