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Request Granted

April 7, 2009   I consider myself to be a connoisseur of three things...a great cup of coffee, a tasty steak, and applesauce. Okay, so maybe I'm not REALLY a connoisseur of applesauce, but I certainly enjoy eating it with just about every meal. When I come home from college for breaks, it's an unspoken rule that there will be at least two bottles of Motts applesauce in the fridge for my own hearty consumption. One can imagine my surprise when I got to Hamilton and couldn't find the slightest bit of applesauce anywhere! Although I've managed to deal with this sad loss and void for more than three years, I recently decided I could take it no more. Applesauce must be a part of the salad bar...and I was going to make it happen.

Equipped with a pencil and piece of paper, I approached the request board in the dining hall and expressed my sincere desire to see plain applesauce, not cinnamon, as a part of the salad bar. I must admit I had my doubts. I mean, seriously, it’s just the request of some silly girl with a strange thing for applesauce. However yesterday to my great surprise, nestled between the sour cream and jell-o, I saw my applesauce. I tried not to act too excited…but that was a huge fail. I went up to some of the people working in Commons Dining Hall and thanked them for paying attention to my request.

I write this entry to share with you all an important point. When you go on those tours at Hamilton and they say you can make requests for just about ANY food…they really aren’t kidding.