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The Final Mile

December 1, 2012   

As we enter the final few weeks of classes, not only are our assignments becoming longer and more intensive, but there’s a feeling of finality in the air that’s been growing stronger and stronger since Thanksgiving. Winter concerts are being performed; art projects are being displayed; weeks and weeks of hard work and dedication are finally shown off for the rest of the campus to admire.

Just last night I went to a student-directed performance of “The Normal Heart,” a sad and true tale of a group of friends in New York trying to make the AIDs crisis known, and the tragedies they suffer along the way. I really only went because my friend had been working on it all semester, and I wanted to support her for all the time she put into it. I wasn’t expecting much, just a depressing two-hour interlude in my otherwise cheery Friday night. But I was blown away. The cast was amazingly talented, to the point that I cried multiple times, much to my embarrassment. There was so much raw emotion in the room that it was nearly palpable.

That’s just a testament to the quality of students at Hamilton. Every performance or project is met with incredible talent and exhaustive dedication, so that every outcome is brilliant and inspiring. I’ve been here for three semesters now – maybe soon I’ll stop being surprised by my fellow classmates.