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Why I Love ...

April 2, 2010   Wireless Internet is probably the greatest invention of all time. When on a college campus where it exists everywhere — like a bubble — it becomes even greater. ITS has even talked of getting rid of their "wired" connections in dorm rooms next year.

Here are the three main reasons why I love Hamilton's wireless:

1. Internet TV: Like most people I know on campus, I don't have a TV. Why do I need one when I can get all my favorite TV shows online the day after they air? Most of you are probably saying, "Well la-de-frickin'-da" at this point, but I have an even bigger thing coming. Yeah, I can watch TV on the Internet with a wired connection, but with wireless ... I DON'T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE MY BED. While I do like to curl up with a good book on occasion, there is nothing better than curling up in bed with my computer after a brain-frying day of classes and homework.

2. New York Times Breakfast: Most days of the week, I get breakfast with friends, but on the occasion when our schedules don't jive, I end up eating alone. For most individuals, this might be a horrific social experience — eating by yourself. However, when McEwen is almost empty between 9-10 a.m., I love to grab an omelette, open my laptop and read the The New York Times.

3. Minor Field: This reason is pretty simple — Who wouldn't want to be able to go outside and still be able to check your e-mail? In the early fall and then spring, Hamilton students flock in droves to a little place on campus called "Minor Field." Essentially, Minor Field is our version of the beach. The scene that ensues is straight out of a college brochure — but I promise you, it actually happens. Students are sprawled over blankets in their shorts and sunglasses, throwing a football around, listening to music — all with their computers in tow. While very little work actually gets done on Minor Field, I usually blast music from my computer, surf the web and Gmail chat with my friends.