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Class and Charter Day

May 12, 2010   On Class and Charter day, Hamilton holds a ceremony to award a select group of students a number of awards and prizes based on their academic achievements and overall contributions to the Hamilton campus.

I was awarded the The Constantine Karamanlis Prize in World Politics.

Here's a description of the award:

"was established by Constantine Karamanlis, Class of 1998, and his family. The prize honors the memory of Mr. Karamanlis' uncle, the former President of Greece, Constantine Karamanlis. The prize is awarded to the outstanding senior concentrator in world politics."

Obviously, I could not have won that award without demonstrating potential in the field of world politics, and I could not have demonstrated that potential without receiving substantial support from Hamilton over the past four years.

As readers of my blog know, I was privileged enough to study abroad for a year (Jordan, Egypt, and India) and to study in Washington, D.C. for a semester. The education I received from those experiences is invaluable, and I definitely would not have had those opportunities if the Hamilton academic structure was not so well-built for it (i.e. half of my class goes abroad junior year; small college = small bureaucracy so it's easier to do things like this; etc.).

Stack that on top of the talks that I've been privy to on the Hamilton campus (i.e. the speakers that have come to visit [Al Gore, et. al.]; and the privileged dinners that I've attended [see previous entry about my having dinner with diplomats -- I also had dinner recently with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges]), and the quality of the education itself and the result is a legitimate, comprehensive, global education in world politics.

So, winning that prize was kind of like receiving an award for opening all of my Christmas presents and living out my dreams.

I'm not sure I deserve that award, but I certainly do appreciate Hamilton's support.

So, thank you.

This must be one of those reasons why Hamilton's alumni tend to be so attached to the college...