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Battle of the Bands

April 24, 2008   Last Wednesday, Hamilton's finest musicians with an inclination to rock desperately mounted the Annex stage for fame and glory. From hard rock covers to original keyboard jams, these bands played it all.

I came running from my evening cinema class and missed the opening acts, but thankfully arrived in time to see an impromptu duet between two of my favorite solo artists. I immediately turned my attention to rhythmic swaying; hands in pockets, eyes half closed, nodding occasionally. This was my form of support, the ultimate collegiate physicalization of "yes, I am lost in your keyboard melodies."

Sets changed, illusive drummers arrived, and familiar jingles from the Beatles brought me to a bit more hip dipping and lip synching.

By the final act, each strum of the bass found my feet completely airborne. Hands up, I was jumping and shaking in complete submission to the jazzy, folky, energized tunes.

Some iPods were given away and a winner was announced. In celebration, I decided that I earned the next day off from the gym.