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My Senior Dinner

April 7, 2009   

Last night I went to my Senior Dinner, where all the senior science concentrators went to the president’s house for food, drinks, and speeches. My friends and I all got dressed up and took a shuttle down the hill to Joan Hinde Stewart’s house. Although she’s away in France this semester, the acting president Joe Urgo was there to welcome us. We got to mingle with our co-concentrators and professors as we were served food and drinks in a huge room, which had a chandelier, couches, and a piano. It was great to catch up with my professors in a social atmosphere and have a relaxing evening with my friends. After we took a while to talk, a professor from each department made a speech about the senior class and our four years at Hamilton. It was great to hear where people are going next year, be it law, medical, or grad school, or new and exciting jobs all over the world. We got dessert and coffee after that, and   took a minute to get a picture with the people in my thesis group.

After the dinner was over, my friends and I caught the shuttle back up the hill and hung out for another hour, recapping the night and taking time to unwind. We joked about Dean Urgo’s welcoming speech – his opening remark had been, “I’ve finally achieved my lifelong dream. I have one house to live in and one house to party in.” It was great to hang out in our formal clothes and think about the four years we’ve been at college. It was a night I won’t soon forget, and something to look forward to when you’re a senior at Hamilton.