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Acoustic Coffeehouses

January 25, 2013   

I am dedicating this journal entry solely to a campus event that I love, and one that any music enthusiast/chai tea lover should know about.  And that is Acoustic Coffehouse.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) puts on Acoustic Coffeehouses regularly, and simply put, they are awesome! The acts are always very good, and there has never been a band or musician that I disliked. CAB also makes a deal with Opus (the delicious independent coffeehouse on campus) to offer chai tea lattes, hot chocolate and cookies free to students at the event.

My freshman year at Hamilton, I didn't take enough advantage of these kinds of campus events, because I was studying, or too lazy, or else just forgot. And most of the time that I was studying, I procrastinated for so long that I might as well have gone to the show! As I get older and my time left here lessens, I try much harder to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities - especially free, live music. And free chai tea lattes….aah. Delicious.

This past Thursday was my first Acoustic Coffeehouse since returning to campus. It was a great way to unwind after a busy day - I went to far too many classes because I still haven't decided which one to drop. But I went to the Coffehouse, got to sit back and relax with some friends, and better yet….I WON THE RAFFLE (took me awhile to get around to that part!). CAB was giving away some CDs and Clinton Pottery mugs, from a local store that makes absolutely beautiful pottery. I had to choose one while onstage, so I went with the CD. Don't get me wrong, they were a great band, but the mug was probably worth ten times more. I apparently cannot make fast decisions under pressure! But that's okay…because I WON A RAFFLE! I might be overly excited (?) But this is a rare occurrence for me!

Regardless, the bottom line is go to Acoustic Coffeehouses. Drink free chai tea, listen to great music and possibly win free stuff!