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Tour De Tapas

March 22, 2010   This past Saturday I finally had the courage to go out on a tapas tour along the Calle Cava Baja located en el barrio La Latina. Even though I have been living here for about 6 months, all the little streets and random changes that they make, the absence of street names at times, and the overall confusing nature of the streets here in Madrid still give me fear. However, this fear of getting inevitably lost in the streets of Madrid en el Barrio La Latina did not daunt me this time (as I had finally remembered to put a map in my purse) and my friends and I headed out to quell the grumbling of our stomachs. According to the guidebook that I had purchased, the best places to eat at along la Cava Baja are La Chata, La Taberna Txacoli, and Casa Lucas. Following the guides lead we began our culinary delight in La Chata (just because it was the closest) and after trying ot get the attention of the bartender for about half an hour, we finally ordered Tapas de la Casa, and Cervezas con Límon (beer with lemon Fanta). No worries we are all of legal drinking age! Lol! I guess the ambiance of the place really got us in a great and relaxed mood because after our drinks and meal we were stuffed! We sauntered out of the crowded and smoke filled Tapas bar, and headed down la Cava Baja to watch people walk in and out of other bars along the Cava Baja, and stop into a few other places ourselves. I guess next time I will definitely have to make it to more places along la Cava Baja, but none the less, good food and good company make up one great evening.