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These Boots Were Made for Walking!

March 22, 2010   The one must have item of this season, well this year really; BOOTS! Yes I said it, boots. I swear, since my first month here I have noticed the obsession and wide variety of boots that these Spanish women pull off daily! I am in awe some days when I do my habitual walk from home to school. Tall boots, short boots, brown ones, black ones, gray, white, intricately designed ones, flat ones, heeled ones; I mean the list goes on and on! After seeing the bootmania take place throughout the wintertime, I figured that the spring would bring in ballet flats, cute gladiator sandals, or just some good ole’ fashioned pumps, but boy was I wrong. The boot crazy is going strong. I guess I have also fallen victim of to the boots craze, for I now own the cutest pair of thigh high grey suede boots with bronze studded buttons, as well as a little short sand colored musketeer pair of flat boots with fringe. I couldn't help myself. I sweat this boots fetish is a contagious disease soon to hit the states in epic proportions if it hasn't already!