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El Blog HCAYS!

March 22, 2010   Tired of hearing me ramble on and one about my life here in Spain in English? Well if you so desire you can now read up about it in Spanish! I know, how exciting! (JK!) The HCAYS (Hamilton College Academic Year in Spain) Program has their very own super cool blog that HCAYS Students post. There are entries about everything from weekend trips to a detail description of El Museo del Traje, the clothing museum, (yes, we have a clothing museum here in Madrid!), as well as tips on good restaurants and things that other participants have done to pass the time. And the best part about this blog is, drum roll please... it’s in Spanish! I know, I know, how awesome!

If you have been thinking about studying abroad in Spain, I definitely recommend this program. Not only do we have the Spanish-Only Rule, but we take awesome trips to places in Spain that are incredible, and completely paid for by the program. We live with amazing host families, and truly learn how to live independently in a large bustling metropolitan city. Besides all of those perks, and Banco Paco (reimbursements from the program for the cultural activities we do in Spain), we really get the chance to explore Madrid and Spain in general, and it is all a part of Hamilton's program. All of the class credits and grades transfer over 100% to your transcript. I guess, you could say I am more than happy with this program, and will definitely be missing my new found home when it is time to go in May.

If you want to read more on the HCAYS Blog and see what we HCAYS students have been up to, here’s the link: http://hamiltoninspain.blogspot.com. Also, if you would like more info on the HCAYS Study Abroad Program, take a glance through the Hamilton College web page on studying abroad!