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La Semana Santa!

March 22, 2010   I have never been much of a Spring Break fanatic, however, I feel like this year is different. This year I am in Europe and the world is my oyster (well it's as mucho of my oyster and my measly student funds will provide) HAHA!

Since I am in Madrid this year, my friends and I have decided on possibly the most epic Spring Break plans ever. After weeks of dueling on which hostel to book, and what flight to take and which itinerary would be our final and complete one, we finally came to a decision. We will be starting out in Valencia to see Las Fallas, which is basically a huge weeklong festival of celebrating ornately created paper mache dolls that are paraded around the city that ends in one massive bon fire on the last day. People have said you can see the flames from the fire for miles. After a day in Valencia, we will head back to Madrid to truly kick off our Semana Santa. We're going to catch our flight to Venice, Italy and float along the canals for 3 days, before we grab the train down to Pisa to boost the leaning tower up for a day. We will then take a bus ride from Pisa to Florence where we will stay for 3 days admiring countless fountains, sculptures and Italian life in general. From Florence we'll endure a "daunting" 3-hour train ride to Naples where will soak up the sun on the beach, bask in the presence of beautiful tan Italian men, and possibly take a day trip to Pompei to see the ruins. After two days of flouncing about in Naples, we will head up the beautiful Italian landscape to Rome. Our five days in Rome will be filled with tons of photos and a trip into Vatican city! By the time this epic Italian adventure is over, I’ll be ready to hope back on that plane on the 3rd to home sweet home Madrid.