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Free Chinese Food!

February 22, 2012   

The Asian Cultural Society (ACS) is an organization that tries to increase awareness on campus about Asian Culture. Consequently, they host a lot of events, usually in celebration of various Asian holidays. Last night they held a celebration for the Lunar New Year (admittedly, it was a little belated—the Lunar New Year was January 23rd).

At the beginning of the event last night, HEAT (Hamilton’s Hip-hop dance group) performed. As usual, they pulled some sick moves and earned a big applause from the spectators. Then the members of ACS carried out huge trays of Chinese food from a local restaurant and people ate their fill.

Offering free Chinese food on a college campus is sure to attract a large crowd. Somehow I managed to find myself dead-last in line behind that huge crowd, so it took a while before I got to fill my plate with dumplings, pad thai, and various other foods, but it was well worth the wait.

Every year they also host a Diwali celebration in the fall. For the one this fall, they brought a group of students from Cornell who performed Bhangra dancing. I’m not sure if the dancers in this video are from the same group that came to Hamilton, but if you want to see what the dancing looked like, watch this video:


ACS also got a ton of Indian food for Diwali from this top-notch Indian place near Hamilton called Minar. If a club wants a lot of students to come to their event, all they have to do is advertise that there will be Minar; it’s an instant sell. I’m also a huge sucker for Indian food, so there was no way I was going to miss Diwali. The best part though was that they had extra Indian food left over, so they let me take a lot back to my dorm. I had to hide it from my roommate though; he’s even more obsessed with Indian food than I am.