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Top Ten from the Heart

November 10, 2008   

1.      Standing on Minor Field during the early evening because I love watching the sun set.
2.      Walking down the hill because I can see another glorious view facing east.
3.      Writing poetry. I’ve found that there is actually a difference between handwriting a poem and typing one.
4.      Watching the leaves blow off the trees or the falling snow as it frosts over the branches.
5.      Consciously breathing and listening to silence—in order to relax.
6.      Singing and whistling while I walk. This is one of the few activities that I can multitask.
7.      Reading poems written by friends or by the great poets.
8.      Running into friends between classes and talking with them, almost to the point of being late.
9.      Listening to 80s music in my room (and sliding across the floor in my socks).
10.   Being a daydream believer.