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Parent Appreciation Day

November 12, 2012   

Study abroad is an incredible and priceless experience, but missing out on events back home is inevitable. I feel like that for every student here, there is one particular holiday or family gathering that makes him or her miss home more than anything else. For me, that one event is Thanksgiving. It has always been my favorite holiday because my extended family gets a little nuts when we all get together. You would not believe how competitive simple board games get (watch out for Scattegories and Catch-phrase in particular). I probably began complaining to my parents about my first Thanksgiving away from home before I even left for China.

I picked up a package from my mom from the ACC office today, and found it strangely heavy considering I had only asked her to send me wool socks. Upon opening it, I was astonished to find not only socks, but an entire Thanksgiving meal! Turkey jerky, cranberry sauce, some canned foods and an array of packaged Turkey Day foods that only require boiling water – I have no access to a kitchen, but I do have a water-boiler! My parents even added Thanksgiving napkins and paper plates, not to mention some left-over Halloween candy. In all honesty – because if you can’t be honest with the completely unfamiliar people reading your journal, who can you be honest with? – I got a little teary-eyed!

What I find interesting about Hamilton is that the majority of students, at least most of the ones I know, seem to have really solid relationships with their parents. One just has to look around campus on Family Weekend to see it. I have always loved my parents, but it wasn’t until early high school that I realized my parents have a lot more life experience than me, and I began taking their advice. Then, it wasn’t until college that I came to understand the true value of their advice and began to actively seek it...a lot. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for being wonderful, and for giving me a Thanksgiving away from home!