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Sports and Me

February 18, 2009   Anyone who knows me at all (even if only ten minutes) quickly realizes I’m not the most athletic person in the world. This actually makes me a bit of an oddity here at Hamilton. The vast majority of students on campus play s sport, whether at the team level or IM. It’s not odd to see the fitness center or field house bustling with activity during the week. On one side there’s Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts…in case you were wondering) and in another corner the high jumpers are practicing for track. Without fail, one will always find the random person running laps around the indoor track. This is of course just the field house…we still have the squash courts, Sage Hockey Rink, dance studios, a pool, outdoor fields, a golf course, the fitness center…you get my drift.

Hamilton couldn’t make it any easier for me to pursue sports, but yet somehow I’m always the spectator. I can’t say I’m upset about this role, for I believe that every team needs an obnoxious, screaming fan…and I take that job very seriously. This past weekend was dedicated to Hamilton’s seniors on the basketball teams. It was a bitter sweet moment for players and fans alike. As I sat in the stands with friends who have been a part of my life for nearly four years, I couldn’t help but feel comfortable and content. Cheering/Screaming for my buddies on the team and laughing with friends in the stands will certainly be a memory I cherish. I’d like to congratulate my senior buddy on the basketball team for completing a successful four years and being an inspiration to those who joined the team in the following years. GO CONTINENTALS!