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Hollywood director on campus

April 11, 2006   

In my last journal entry, I told everyone how much I love to watch movies and all of that good stuff. Well, I recently found out that director Mira Nair is coming to speak at Hamilton this weekend. Although I have never seen any of her movies, I have heard good things about them and I am sure her lecture will be entertaining.  I have been really interested in movies for quite some time, but I have never been to see any Hollywood director speak about a movie. This event presents the perfect opportunity for me to do so. Since some of her movies will be showing during the next few days, I will probably try to go see at least one of them. So if I am able to attend the lecture, I will have some idea of what she is talking about.

With that said, the lecture is this Sunday night and I will try to attend. In the meantime, I hope I will be able to watch some of Mira Nair's movies. If I do attend the lecture, I will try to write a journal entry describing the experience. Until next time...