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Office of Admission
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Registration Time

October 23, 2012   

So it is that time….registering for classes. I always freak out this time of year. Which in hindsight is a little ridiculous, since I've always managed get most all of the classes I want.

I'll be back at Hamilton in the spring for the second semester of my junior year, and there are just so many classes that I want to take that I haven't yet! Three semesters left in which to try out a philosophy course, history and creative writing. Not to mention another studio art class.  I have also decided to add on a World Politics major, which I am really excited about. But on the downside, I now have to fulfill the rest of those requirements, write two theses my senior year and take all those classes that I want to try.

I suppose this is the best possible problem to have. Hamilton's courses are too interesting. It would be better if I weren't so interested in everything, actually. Some people enter college knowing exactly what their interests are, but I have literally bounced around from Day 1. My parents probably got tired from hearing about my new life plan once every month - my intended majors literally ranged from Biology, to Chinese, to World Politics, to Studio Art, to Art history…in all honesty though - and I promise, the Admissions office didn't put me up to this - that is what I love about open curriculum. Up until this point I have tried out a lot of different classes and found out what I liked, and what I didn't (Psychology is just NOT for me).

Even thinking about all of this after having been off campus for 5 months is also really strange! I have communicated with professors about classes strictly by email. Sometimes it is so much more convienent to just pop into someone's office. But I'll be back soon, and as for now…hellloooo Chinese/World Politics double concentration! (plus the Studio Art minor, which I have fulfilled but not actually turned in paperwork for yet…whoops.)