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What a Week!

March 31, 2011   Awesome thing: two-week spring break.
Less awesome thing: not using the break to work on the paper due the Thursday you get back.

So, I've more or less been spending my free time this week thinking about Herman Melville and what an abolitionist might think of his sea adventure mystery novella Benito Cereno.  I'm always really bad with mystery stories because I'm always the last person to figure it out.  But I liked this story because it had action and danger and boats!  Gotta love boats.

My week wasn't all maritime mysteries, though.  On Tuesday, for example, I ate dinner with my Chinese professors at the Chinese table.  I don't know that I've ever really discussed the language tables in one of my entries, which is a shame because they're awesome.  Basically, the language departments reserve tables for specific times in Commons (and sometimes McEwen) and then anybody who can speak that language can go and speak it for an hour!  The tables are open to all levels though, so a first-year student can go and practice with professors or students who are fluent in the language.

A lot of people find the language tables scary, but I love them!  I find myself talking a lot because 1) it's good practice and 2) I often have a hard time understanding what other people are saying, so the more I talk, the less I have to say "no comprendo," or "repitez-vous, s'il vous plait," or "qing ni zai shuo yi ci."  It's really nice to see your professors outside of the classroom and discuss things other than grammar or vocabulary; I've talked with my professors about everything from Star Wars to airplane horror stories to Settlers of Catan!  But even though you're not in the classroom, the professors are always more than happy to correct you if you make a mistake!

And yesterday, I had a meeting with Professor Strout, my new academic advisor.  He was really helpful!  He was all, "you want to teach English?  Well then, here are some courses that might be useful to an English teacher.  And here's what lots of good teaching schools are looking for in their applicants.  And here are the courses another English major took before she went on to teach high school English!"  I was quite with all the insight he had to offer, but the conversation got me thinking about how I do in fact need to start thinking about the future.  Just what am I doing after graduation?  How do I get there?  Why am I suddenly so old?  Absolutely insane.

Fortunately, I met with my friend Debbie immediately afterwards to write our end-of-the-year skit for Chinese class.  Writing the semi-ridiculous screenplay made me forget all about the daunting inevitability of my future!  And I think that's healthy, because though it's important to think about what I'm doing after college, I've only so many days here at Hamilton.  I've gotta make the most of them!

This entry's Shout Out goes to Professor Strout.  Thanks for all the help!