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Not a bad way to end the week

February 7, 2012   

So, my time in DC has proceeded business as usual, as I continued my work at National Strategies, gaining more and more knowledge and familiarity in the firm, becoming increasingly engrossed in my work. My assignments have now gone from support-role research to being directly involved in client teams, on some particularly interesting cases. One of note is that of National Strategies being hired by a Georgian billionaire, Bidzina Ivanishvili, who is running for president of Georgia against the incumbent, Mikheil Saakashvili, a man with dictatorial tendencies and a checkered past. NSI has been contracted to help Ivanishvili gain momentum and favor, particularly abroad like in the United States, and it's really cool to see the firm work on such a high-profile project.

Wednesday was a very busy day, as our "day off" started with a little over two hours of class in the morning, followed by a trip to meet with George Baker and Frank Vlossak, two Hamilton alums, at their lobbying firm, Williams and Jensen. The pair were incredibly friendly and shared with us their backgrounds and work on the firm, shedding light on the travails of an occupation with often negative connotations and misunderstood work. Like any reasonable men would, they acknowledged that some in the field are sometimes not on the moral up-and-up, so to speak, but asserted their moral positions and that they strictly avoid any cases or clients with which they had moral scruples. 

Within twenty minutes of leaving their offices, my roommate and I were settling into our seats at the Verizon Center to take in the UConn-Georgetown basketball game. This was a great time--the atmosphere was electric and the masses of college students in the fan sections erupted with every bucket for the Hoyas. I didn't enjoy it quite as much, because I have the pleasure of being a lifetime Huskies fan, and the boys from Storrs didn't exactly come out on top. It was still a fun way to end the night, and I can rest easy knowing that for the time being, UConn still has three times as many championships as Georgetown.

And lastly, but very, very, far from least, I had the privilege of ending the week with Eli Manning holding the trophy for MVP of Super Bowl XLVII. Our boss at NSI was kind enough to invite us over to take in the game at his house (and he's one of the biggest Giants fans I've ever met), and filled to the breaking point with hot wings, excitement, and anxiety, as I watched Eli win it all in the house his brother built. Two in four years...dare I say 3-LI?