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Things I'll Be Doing Tomorrow

March 23, 2010   So the internships here are almost full time - eight hour days, four days a week. But Wednesdays are always reserved for class, operas, plays, basketball tournaments at Madison Square Garden, so there's a little time to pretend that I'm not an adult yet.

Tomorrow, though, we don't have class; Professor Werner is in Arizona meeting his (absolutely adorable) new grandson, so we're completely free and clear for the day. Meaning I need to seize the day and do something that would make my family jealous. Here's the plan, pending my waking up at a reasonable hour:

  • Get a cute breakfast. I'm thinking some sort of fruity crepe and a mimosa or something. It's rare that I manage to wake up early enough to get an actual breakfast, let alone one that doesn't involve a microwave, so I'm going to treat myself.
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. The roommates have been talking about doing this since the beginning of the semester - usually in the context of Making the Band II - and tomorrow we're going to make it happen. Additionally, I'm going to insist that we get that full MTV experience and pick up some cheesecake from Junior's while we're in Brooklyn.
  • Get a little sun. We've got a really killer terrace on the 25th floor, and I don't go down there nearly enough. I'll take a book, but mostly, I just want to stare at the Statue of Liberty for a while.
  • Cook a real dinner. I made some beef stew a little while ago, so I'm pretending that I've suddenly become a good cook. To prove myself wrong, I'm going to try and make something else, something a little less foolproof - maybe a lasagna? I don't know. I'll update y'all soon.
Sometime tomorrow, you can be sure that I'll be reporting the following: "So I woke up at 2 and decided to watch 30 Rock until dinner." But keep your fingers crossed that I pull through on this one!