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Hime's Makin' a Meatloaf

March 23, 2010   

Today, I'll be interviewing Hime, one of my apartment-mates this semester. She's a junior, a philosophy major, and she's really excited to tell you all about the turkey meatloaf she's making.

Luke: Hey Hime, what's going on in that meatloaf you're making?

Hime: So many flavors! It's an explosion of meat! And SPICES!

Luke: Okay, I actually don't know that anyone reading this would care about your meatloaf (as enticing as you may think it is). Let's move on. How are you enjoying this semester in the Big Apple?

Hime: You know, when we first got here in January, it was really cold. But now that it's spring, things are really HEATING UP.

Luke: Heating up?

Hime: Yeah, HEATING UP! It's hard to find the motivation to go outside when it's snowing, but now I love exploring the neighborhoods and finding cute diners and boutiques and places to buy shoes.

Luke: What's been your favorite not-for-tourists discovery?

Hime: There's this great pub in Williamsburg called the Charleston. They have a deal on Saturday nights where if you spend a certain amount on drinks, you get free pizza. Last time we went and bought a pitcher, and we got three free pizzas!

Luke: Three free pizzas? That's a lot of pizza! In closing, what would you want to tell a prospective student about the NYC program?

Hime: Well, first I would tell them to do the program when they get to Hamilton. And while NYC can be chilly, a nice meatloaf can keep you warm.