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Why I Don't Like Mondays So Much Anymore

February 4, 2007   

It’s a new semester, and that means new Mondays (in addition to Tuesday and Wednesdays and those other days, too). So, here is Monday so far:

8 a.m.: Lug myself out of bed. I actually have to do this now, because last semester, dressing was a matter of jeans and shirt and jacket, and this semester, I’ve got snowboots to lace up and a hat to track down in the recesses of my closet before I leave the door. Also, I’d better make sure my bag’s got everything I need in it.

9 a.m.: German class on the other side of campus. Pit-stop at Commons in between to fuel up on coffee.

10 a.m.: Okay — one hour before my next class. Today, I went to the library to make sure everything was in order for the Prospective DJ Meeting tonight, since I’ve kind of got to run it, since I’m kind of General Manager of WHCL now (!!!). I also took a break to watch the snowplows outside, because it was a little distracting.

11 a.m.: Shakespeare class on the third floor of Root. I need to get there early, because those stairs are steep and it’s a sauna on the third floor, meaning I’ll need to de-layer if I want to avoid looking like I just ran a marathon.

12 p.m.: Lunch — I hiked over to McEwen, namely because it is my dining establishment of choice, but also because I needed to stop by the Dean of Students to reschedule my Study Abroad meeting (which is now tomorrow — yikes). Eat a sandwich. Stop by room to check the old e-mail, and probably send out a few.

1 p.m.: Comparative Literature class, again on the third floor of Root; same rules apply as before. Another pit-stop at Commons for second cup of coffee.

2:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. (otherwise known as Right Now): This is difficult. Part of me wants to lie in bed, part of me needs to read Antigone and Taming of the Shrew and The Things They Carried and various short stories, and part of me needs to be writing something. Mainly I try to avoid Facebook, because it is a time-eating monster of a Web site.

5:15 p.m.: Prospective DJs Meeting. Other weeks, this would be the WHCL E-board meeting at 6 p.m. I think I’m set for tonight — so long as I can send out the agenda before the meeting, which, so far, I’ve been able to do.

Whenever the Meeting’s Over (hopefully by 7 p.m.): I should probably eat dinner. I suspect it’ll be at the Diner, because a girl can’t live on the salad bar and questionable pizza options of McEwen all the time.

Post-Dinner – 9 p.m.: Another block of hypothetical “free time.” More reading, writing, glancing wistfully at my comfortable bed. Maybe a movie (saw Little Miss Sunshine in the KJ Auditorium last night — fantastic!). Trip to Opus for more coffee, or maybe I’ll brew my own pot.

9 p.m. to 11 p.m.: Writing Center; if no one’s scheduled a conference, you’ll find me with my nose in Shakespeare or Sophocles.

11 p.m. to Whenever I Get it All Done (1 a.m., I’m hoping): Getting it all done.

And then: Bedtime. Sweet, sweet bedtime.

As a kid, you never want to hit the sack and call it a day — in college, honestly, I can’t wait.