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The 'undecided' major

January 31, 2011   

From ‘Africana studies’ to ‘World Politics’, Hamilton College offers many different major and minor opportunities for us students. Since my very first semester, I have taken classes in lots of different departments. From ‘Acting’ and ‘Arabic’ to ‘Environmental Geology’ and ‘Religion in Film', my academic life at Hamilton has been a potpourri of different class sizes, teaching methods and lessons learned.

One of my favorite things about Hamilton is our open curriculum. Students have the possibility to take classes in many different departments without having to worry about meeting requirements. I took advantage of this opportunity and loved it. But unfortunately, sooner or later I had to narrow down and select a major. I would wake up on Monday deciding I wanted to major in Theatre; on Tuesday it was Foreign Languages; on Wednesday I would convince myself to major in Religious Studies, and so on.

As the deadline for deciding majors approaches, the only thing I know is that I have no idea what to major in! So, I came up with a solution:  interdisciplinary concentration. Hamilton offers its students the possibility to combine different departments and essentially create your own major.

So basically, that’s where I’m at now. I’m juggling ideas about what my major will be. Hopefully I’ll be able to say what I’m studying in the near future. Until then, ‘undecided’ is all I’ve got.

There’s something about that word that has a negative connotation: ‘undecided’. It’s almost like I’m going against the norm on purpose, but it’s really not the case. The reason I am trying to get an interdisciplinary major is because it's the right thing to do. I feel like my toe fits into the mold of other majors, but what do I do with the rest of my foot?

Hopefully, if all turns out well, I’ll be standing strong with both feet submerged in a pool of knowledge, designed to my own liking.