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Expected Family Contribution: 86

April 20, 2011   I really enjoy talking to the prospective students. On Monday, my day began with talking to my brother, who was here for Accepted Students Day, about the ins-and-outs of campus, and it ended with talking to a nice kid named Peter, whom I just happened to be walking next to as I was heading to do my homework that evening. In between, I talked with a few families about my experience here, directed them to buildings and, on the whole, just had a really nice time. I understand that students and their families are making a tremendous decision when they choose a college, and being able to assist them in some small way is something I enjoy doing.

Another thing I really enjoy doing is dominating at Hamilton College Trivia competitions. On Sunday night, an absolutely ridiculous number of people gathered in the Barn for a special edition Trivia Night. My dad, brother and I formed a three-man wrecking crew (team name Expected Family Contribution), and aside from one or two slip-ups, we were almost unstoppable. We finished in third place (but hey, we had way fewer people!), and my dad and brother got some free Hamilton merch out of it. It was a pretty fun night.

I spent the rest of my weekend working on my portion of a write-up for my government class, Topics in Survey Research. We've been spending the semester learning about racial and ethnic attitudes in America, designing a national survey to test young people's opinions on certain issues and just finished submitting our individual write-ups for the questions we each created. My research focused on President Obama's approval rating and perceptions of his racial identity. The first question is relatively straight-forward, but for the second question, I was interested to see if people would consider him to be black or mixed race, and what factors would influence respondents' answers. For the record, most people surveyed responded that he was mixed race.

Now that I've finished that, I'm putting the finishing touches on "Casablanca," a parody of the poem "Casabianca" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans that I am writing for my poetry class. Strange transition, huh? Only at Hamilton ...