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Wait, what do you mean I'm a Junior?!

October 8, 2012   

First off, I would like to say that I can't believe I get to write journal entries for a second year in a row. So awesome, right? I know you’re currently jumping around in your room from excitement, but relax a little bit because you’re kind of embarrassing yourself.

Things that I also cannot get over: I’ve finished half of my college education at Hamilton. I only have FOUR semesters left at Hamilton. This is not real life.  I’ve secretly been telling some people that I’m a sophomore because I’m still in denial. I feel like I was just a junior in high school and now I have to think about graduate school applications and well-balanced resumes and more internships? Gosh, take me back to summer please. All I want to do tonight is watch Vampire Diaries on Netflix. So productive.

But despite the stress, Junior year is off to a great start. I’m taking some really great classes this semester (Italian, Shakespeare, African-American Lit, and Sociology of Gender) and I have plans (like, real official plans!) to study abroad in Rome, Italy next semester! I’m so excited and cannot wait to get there. I also just recently started a chapter of Her Campus at Hamilton last week and I highly recommend you all check it out and like us on Facebook! Sorry for the shameless plug!

alala Hamilton life.