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The Pub

February 4, 2013   

I am always jealous of my friends who studied abroad in the U.K. when they talk about the pubs they visited regularly. While Beijing was a very interesting place to live, pubs are not a common sight there. But here, we have our very own! Honestly, I don't know much about Hamilton's pub history beyond the fact that an alumni donated a large sum of money specifically for a school pub, but it is a great building. Centrally located on campus, it boasts a nice bar, large television, an upstairs, a pool table and Hamilton memorabilia adorning the walls.

Three reasons that the pub is amazing: 1) pub lunches 2) trivia nights 3) since I recently had my 21st birthday, I got to enjoy my first legal drink at the pub this past weekend!

1) Pub lunches - DELICIOUS. Most students who go to the pub lunches are upperclassmen, but I chalk that up to first-years not having yet discovered the greatness that is pub lunch. Obviously there's less selection than the dining halls, but it is also less crowded and you can always play a game of pool afterward lunch.

2) Trivia nights - There are a lot of events on campus that I wish I had done more of during my freshman and sophomore years, and Trivia Night is definitely one of those. An impressive number of students turn out to the pub every Tuesday at 8 pm in their trivia teams. In the past, there were a lot of Tuesday nights that I chose to do work instead, until I wised up and realized that not only should I manage my time more effectively, but Trivia Night is definitely worth missing a bit of class reading for! The first week back on campus, my team managed to hold third place for awhile, too!

3) This past weekend the pub was a blast. For some reason it has seemed a little emptier on weekends lately, but there was a good turn out this past Saturday night. Campus parties in Bundy and the Annex (two popular social spaces on campus that organizations can use on weekends) are fun as well, but I really like the pub atmosphere.

4) Forgot to mention this one - Senior Pub Night. Seeing as I'm not a senior and only just turned 21, I have never been, but I have heard that it is a ton of fun. Those happen about one Thursday a month.

I. love. pub.