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Econ Department Dinner

April 27, 2012   

Last night the econ department held an informal dinner for all econ majors. They bought a bunch of Lebanese food from a local restaurant called the Phoenician (one of my favorite restaurants in the area). The food was great, as expected. There was hummus, tabouli, lamb, chicken, falafel, pita, and much more. I sampled everything, but the hummus was definitely my favorite.

In addition to the wonderful food, it was really nice to interact with my econ professors in a relaxed, nonacademic setting. I sat next to my econ statistics professor and we talked about my interest in behavioral economics and my plans for studying abroad. In class it’s clear that he’s a really nice, funny guy but I hadn’t interacted with him much outside of class before last night. But as I talked to him between mouthfuls of hummus and falafel I realized what a genuinely thoughtful and fascinating character he is. I really hope I get to have more conversations with him before the semester ends. It always strikes me how down to earth Hamilton professors are.

Talking with my professor reminded me how lucky I am to go to a school like this. I think it’s invaluable to form relationships with faculty, administrators, and staff. I didn’t do a very good job of seeking out these friendships last year, but the awesome thing about a small liberal arts school is that those bonds form whether or not you’re actively looking for them.