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The Housing Lottery

April 27, 2008   Having never pulled a sweet number myself, I've always had to rely on getting pulled by a friend. The actual process of choosing your room for the next year is always very confusing and rarely goes to plan, but I've always come out unscathed and really excited about my living arrangement.

This year was no exception. A group of friends and I went in with marginal numbers (at best) and our idea for living arrangements changed about 15 times within the three hours we were there. Finally, we decided to pounce on a South 6-pull, the last of its kind available. That means that there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a spacious common room. All in South, which is right next to Commons dining hall and the library. Sounds comfortable, doesn't it?

My roommates are great. Two of them, James and Joey, are abroad right now, but they've already both been told the news and they're pumped. Bo is a great guitarist and singer, and that will be fun when I have my keyboards all set up in our spacious abode. All three of those guys I mentioned are esteemed members of the former world champion Stan Mikita's Donuts hockey team with me, so we'll have a great opportunity to do some pre-game strategy and take some carbo-loaded meals in our room before our games next year. Charlie is also with us, and he's a brilliant guy with a finely-tuned tongue for microbrews in the central NY area. And finally, a nice rising sophomore named Kurt, who I met today after we took the room, will be living with us. I'm looking forward to getting to know him.

All in all, I think it worked out way better than I could have expected. We'll have to decide how to decorate, but we are definitely thinking about going with a pastoral theme... plenty of floral patterns.

Anyone without a room yet, I wish you as great luck as I had. I'm really pumped about our arrangement, and I think it'll provide a great scene for a senior year. I look forward to meeting some of my neighbors, including some of the incoming freshman class! See you guys on the hill next year. Stop by the fourth floor to see what we've done with the place.