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Looking Ahead

November 30, 2007   I'm very excited about the prospect of having four totally new classes next semester. That isn't to say that I'm excited to ditch my current classes, but get a load of what I'm taking:

Music 351: Topics in Music. I'm taking a topics in music course right now that has dealt with Bernstein's Candide, CSound Applications, and Orchestration. Next semester, the topics are equally gamut-stretching: Jazz Composition, Musicology, Music of the Southern Appalachians, and Brahms Vocal Quartets. Each topic is taught by a different professor.

Music 265: The Beatles
. I am actually taking a full semester course dedicated entirely to learning about one of my favorite and one of the most important rock bands ever conceived. By the end of the year, I'll know everything there is to know about John, Paul, George, and Ringo (and maybe even a little about Pete Best, too).

Economics 338: Economics of Innovation and Technology.
I am taking Environmental Economics right now, so I am looking forward to another econ class that deals with real-life issues that are happening right now. Which is lucky, because I'm also taking...

Economics 360: Health Economics
. This should be very interesting, especially with the upcoming presidential elections on the horizon.

I have a few more weeks of my current class schedule, and then a month of winter vacation. I love spending time at home with friends and family, but when I know that those are going to be my classes next semester... I can't wait to begin.