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Theophilus London and O Nata Lux

October 23, 2012   

This has been an incredibly busy week on campus, and it’s all leading up to Family Weekend and Halloween. It’s that time of year where students start holding bigger and more exciting events – and professors dole out bigger and more daunting assignments.

On top of my exams and papers, I have choir rehearsal twice a week. Normally it’s a pretty relaxed environment, a time to take a break from studying and enjoy music, but lately it’s been just as stressful as my classes with the approach of our first concert on Friday. Though the song selection is wonderful – including the traditional spiritual “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and Lauridsen’s “O Nata Lux” – the difficulty of the pieces has meant more intense practices as of late.

But this week has not been without fun times. The big fall concert was this past Friday, featuring Theophilus London and his opening act, Wynter Gordon. Though I only came in at the tail end of Wynter Gordon’s performance, what I did see was catchy and energetic. And the man himself, Mr. London, was absolutely brilliant. He made several (and successful) stage dives, and everyone in the crowd was dancing and singing along and generally having a blast.

There were a million different events this weekend, ranging from a drag show hosted by the Rainbow Alliance to Hogwarts at Hamilton, a student-run “tour” of Hogwarts, with several different improvised skits performed by the characters of Harry Potter. (The show runs for one weekend in October, with afternoon performances for the kids of Clinton and evening shows for the students of Hamilton. It’s generally the highlight of everyone’s Halloween.) Though I had a heavy workload, I managed to make it to almost every event I wanted to attend and am only half-asleep as I write this. (Success? Success.)

Sure, I’ll probably be spending a few nights this week cursing Theophilus London and his snazzy tunes, but a week from now, maybe two, I’ll be so very glad that I went. I’d rather be tired today than look back on my college experience with regret.