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Clubs!!! Clubs, Clubs, Clubs...

January 30, 2013   

One of the wonderful aspects of life at Hamilton is that there are so many ways to get involved on campus - WAIT. STOP. I know this sounds utterly cliche, but bear with me, because it is completely true. 

My first year on campus I made the mistake of not committing myself to any organizations. I attended a surprising number of meetings, but never followed through on anything. Which, I now realize, was a huge mistake. Clubs are a great way to meet people and especially upperclassmen as a freshman. Hamilton is a small community, but began to feel much larger to me when I met people sophomore year through Student Assembly, HEAT dance group and Model UN. Better still, students can meet a bunch of great people without actually joining a club as long as they participate in some of the activities that clubs offer, like going to the three-story rock wall at the gym, or joining trips with Hamilton's Outdoor Club, most of which are open to anyone. In fact, I just signed up for an overnight winter camping trip…I can't tell whether I am more excited or nervous. I have some camping experience, but none in winter. I'm from Kentucky! We cancel school if there is more than two inches of snow on the ground!

The overwhelming number of clubs and extra-curricular opportunities that Hamilton has to offer is a blessing and a curse. The trick, I have discovered, is not overcommitting myself - instead, I have found a few organizations and clubs that I am passionate about and have stuck with them.

Initially, I was worried that coming back from studying abroad would make it harder for me to pick back up with some of my activities. But I'm back on Student Assembly, have found an IM basketball team, and am going to HEAT tryouts this weekend - hopefully I didn't lose my dance skills while in China! I've also contributed an article to the Continental and am thinking about joining up with the Asian Cultural Society (mainly for the chance to eat curry and mentor cute children on Mondays). I won't claim to be the most involved person on campus - many of my friends have a lot more commitments than I do - but I'm happy with what I have! 

(Also, important to note: creating your own club/organization is extremely easy. You just need to get some friends together, have some sort of plan and submit it to the Director of Student Activites. Then, you can submit your proposal to Student Assembly for funding. Actually, just found out at the SA meeting last Monday that Hamilton has an Archery Club. Never knew!)