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December 15, 2009   That’s right, it’s official, we had our first snowfall of the season here in Madrid!! It was so nice. I swear I think since I have gone so long without seeing that white stuff fall from the sky I have forgotten what it’s like. Normally I am the very first one to critique the snow, and talk about how much I would rather be sitting in the sun soaking up the warmth, but this snow here is much different than the snow in Clinton, NY.

As I left my house, (a little late) and started my mad dash to the metro, I realized the sidewalk was wet. In my mind I am thinking, drat! I didn’t bring my umbrella with me, oh well I don’t have time to go back; I hope it doesn’t rain too hard! Then I started thinking how cold it was outside. Going through lots of nice warm scenarios in my head to mentally heat my numb fingers, I start realizing that I should have put on my Northface instead of the cute purple coat I selected. And then, by the time I stop going through all the history facts for my upcoming final, how I am excited to eat my yogurt when I get to El Centro, and how my outfit is super cute for the day, I realize what is happening around me; IT’S SNOWING!!!

I guess my “life lesson” of that morning is to not get so self-absorbed! I looked around and all the cars were covered in a light layer of beautiful white snow. And when I looked up, the cute small snowflakes lightly fell over my face and dusted my eyelashes and hair. It was so pretty! For the rest my walk to the metro, and later on to school, I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I guess you could say even I, the girl from California, am starting to like the snow. But don’t get me wrong, I still love me some sunshine!

Highlight of the Day: My Birthday on Sunday December 13!!!! Yay 21!!!