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Housing Lottery

April 22, 2012   

Housing for upperclassmen is decided using a lottery system. All students are randomly assigned a number, and then on the day of the lottery everyone gathers in the Barn (if you’ve been on campus, the Barn is that circular yellow building). When your number is called, you go into a room with all the floor plans and you pick your room.

They break the lottery down by class year: the senior lottery is first, followed by the junior lottery, and then finally the sophomore lottery. People with better numbers are allowed to “pull” their friends into a room with them. So let’s say I know someone in the senior lottery who has number 57, he can pull me into his room, even though my number is much worse. And that’s exactly what happened this morning.

The Root Farmhouse, generally just referred to as the Farmhouse, is one of the most desirable living options on campus. From the outside it looks like a big yellow house, but the inside is divided into three sections. Usually, these three sections are taken after the first dozen or so numbers in the senior lottery. But somehow there was still one section of it left by number 57, and so we snagged it.

Our section of the Farmhouse has three doubles. Downstairs there is a large living room area, a kitchen, and one double. Upstairs there’s a bathroom and the other two doubles. The Farmhouse also has a nice wraparound porch. As if all that wasn’t enough, it is literally in the perfect location. It’s right in the center of campus, and very close to the diner and the main dining hall. I can’t tell you how excited I am to live there next year.

Since we didn’t expect to be able to get the Farmhouse, we planned on living in a quad somewhere. So when we realized that we could actually get the Farmhouse, we had to find two other people to live with us. We quickly called two of our friends, Sam and Jordan, and told them to get to the Barn ASAP.

After we called them, one of the people working at the lottery told us that the other two people living with us would have to be girls in order to maintain the gender ratio in the Farmhouse. So I texted Sam and told him that they wouldn’t be able to live with us after all. I felt bad, especially since we had just made Jordan and Sam literally sprint all the way to the Barn.

A couple of hours later I was doing some homework and my friend comes in and shows me a tweet from someone at the lottery. It was a picture of Jordan looking completely disheveled, standing in the middle of the crowd of students at the lottery wearing nothing except a pair of shorts and slippers. The tweet read, “That awkward moment when someone shows up to the housing lottery shirtless and frantic.”

Yep, that’s Jordan for you.