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The Last Friday

May 10, 2013   

Today is the last Friday of the year at Hamilton College; I have never before felt so free and so stressed at the same time.  I look out the window at the bright, sunny summer day and realize that in just one week, my time is my own.  But before Monday, I must finish a research paper and prepare a 20 minute oral presentation for my German class; I also must study for my two exams in government and economics, which take place on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Successful time management is key to surviving this final weekend.  Today, I will finish my final paper for my computer science class and then hopefully have enough time to draft an outline of my German presentation.  That will give me the weekend to work on my research paper.  But my whole day will not be completely overtaken by papers and finals.

Tonight, Hamilton is bringing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to the Hill.  I have been a fan of the group for the past couple of years, and I could not be happier that I can actually see them live.  In case you do not know, Macklemore is a fantastic lyricist and rapper; his songs often address the corrupting influence of money and consumerism, as well as his past struggles with drug addiction. His words are paired with the musical talents of Ryan Lewis, a producer who perfectly captures the mood of each lyric.  Although I have a lot of work, I would be crazy not to attend this performance.

Tonight is sure to be a fantastic celebration.  It will be my last casual, fun-filled moment before returning to the grind of final projects and exams.  But after next week, I will be completely uncommitted for three months.  With no schoolwork, I wonder how I will occupy myself….