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Twenty Fifteen!

March 26, 2011    Word on the street is that acceptance notifications went out to the Class of 2015 on Friday night! I was just as tense as all of you, too. My brother was awaiting his decision that night, and when I found out he was excepted I was so stoked! But hey! Congrats to all of you! Whether you choose to join us on the Hill or not, your acceptance means you're some pretty special kids; getting in to Hamilton is no easy task. So give yourself a pat on the back and take a deep breath--you did it, kid! Some of you may know you're coming here already, but I'm sure many of you are trying to decide where to spend the next four years of your lives. And I know parents are freaking trying to figure out where their kids can put that tuition money to good use. ::cough:: HAMILTON ::cough:: Honestly though, if you've gotten this far you probably know Hamilton is an amazing school. But what do you need to know about Hamilton before deciding to come? What are the three most important facts about the school that you don't already know? 1) Our. Students. Love. Hamilton. From Accepted Students Day to Adirondack Adventure and Urban Adventure to orientation and the first day of classes all the way through to senior year and graduation, Hamilton is like our own little slice of awesomeness. And we know it. Alumni come back all the time to see their beloved campus, and students really miss it over the breaks. (Yeah, even with the snow. Talk about true love.) There's just no place like the Hill. 2) Open curriculum ROCKS! I don't know if any student here could imagine life without it. Choosing our classes based on our interests and not requirements allows us to grow in our own ways. We're comfortable with our classes because we picked them. That really does mean that everyone in every class is excited to be there. Classes are just so much more engaging because of the open curriculum. Once you decide on your major, there will be some classes you need to take to get the degree, but even then, you have tons of options as to how you'll do that. But if you never want to see a math problem or a history test again, at Hamilton you don't have to. Or, if you can't decide between physics, political science, art history or theatre, go out and take those classes without worrying about it. 3) Hamilton sets you up for success. In the classrooms, you'll get a world-class education; you'll learn from really distinguished professors and get to know them personally; you'll be challenged every day to communicate more effectively in your writing and in your speech; you'll see things from all sorts of angles. But outside of class, there's just as much. Our career center is incredibly helpful with just about everything you could possibly think of. They help you craft the perfect resume, teach you how to interview, help you find jobs, help you get paid for unpaid internships or volunteer work, and know how to make you look really appealing to employers. Hamilton even has awards for students who want to try something completely different, like travel the world to research something they're passionate about, whether that be food or politics or another culture. And of course, there's loads of extracurricular opportunities available. Truth is, Hamilton wants you to succeed just as much as you want yourself to. Before I split, I want to leave you with this: remember, a school picks you just as much as you pick it. For some people, Hamilton just isn't the best fit. And that's OK! We won't hold it against you. Just don't count us out without visiting first. Yeah, it's cold here, and yeah we're in an area that's not very populated--but trust me, if that's all there was to Hamilton, I wouldn't be here. There is so much to love about this place. No place is perfect for everyone, but there's a good chance Hamilton is perfect for you, and the best way to know for sure is to come visit and try us. You won't regret it.