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Taking a break

March 13, 2012   

So, here I am, back in Washington for the second half of the semester. The weather seems to have turned, and I even saw some cherry blossoms today while I was walking around downtown during lunch. Cue the hordes of tourists... But I'm looking forward to this week, with the weather set to be roughly 70 and sunny all week long. I'm going to need to figure out ways to enjoy the weather, though, while I sit inside for hours at a time taking in March Madness. I've entered a couple of brackets, which I fully expect to implode miserably in, oh, about the next three or four days.

I'm feeling refreshed after taking a load off last week as I traveled home for spring break. To be honest, I did miss the traditional Hamilton two-week-long break, but I managed. The first couple days went entirely as expected - I hibernated - but did manage to cram in an interview for a potential summer internship on Wednesday. That night, I met up with a few friends from home whom I hadn't seen in a while, always a benefit of spring break. The highlight of the week came the next day, when I picked up my friend Seiya in Manhattan (he's yet to leave for his abroad program in Japan) and off we went to Hamilton to spend a night at school. I know, how exciting, going to school for break.

But in truth, it was a great time. I was able to see plenty of people who were abroad in the fall that I hadn't seen since May, and got to spend a night in my suite from last semester. I hit up some of my favorite spots, namely getting someone to bonus me at the Diner and heading to Charlie's for breakfast on Friday morning, as well as roaming the halls of MIlbank. People were upbeat considering they were leaving for their own breaks the next day, and it was great to spend a night catching up and hanging with the crew. 

But then, of course, as quickly as it came, break was gone and it was time to head back to DC. And here I am, ready to run show for the rest of the semester. Bring it on...