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Happy Halloween

November 2, 2012   

To my surprise, my Halloween-in-China was a blast!

My costume was very last minute. I was a nerd, Chinese version. My entire outfit was just an excuse to wear these ridiculous glasses that I recently purchased. These could only be found in China…polka-dotted with a bow on the side. I bought them as a joke, I promise! But I secretly love them. I was also determined to wear suspenders. It was one of those ideas that I'll sometimes latch onto and then not be able to let go of! After a long, unfruitful search, I purchased 2 belts and used a sewing kit to attach them to my skirt. And no one knew that they were not really suspenders until I told them! That is, until they broke off. I count it as an almost-success.

ACC had a small party for students in the dorm, complete with a pumpkin carving contest. As part of ACC Student Council I helped get the word out and set up. I also made sure to participate in the carving contest! I had forgotten that cleaning out the pumpkin is so time-consuming. When I was younger I would just make my dad do the boring part, and then I got to do the design. We had some games and a best costume-contest, then afterwards students went their separate ways. Some went to Sanlitun, a well-known Beijing foreigner's spot, others went to a local bar down the street, and the smartest ones stayed in and slept (they were actually alert come 8am Thursday morning). But all in all, it was a great night.