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The End? Not Really.

May 17, 2012   

I am currently sitting at Boston's harbor writing this entry and enjoying some serious down time!
Last week was a rough finals week. I had two exams and three written assignments. Finals week is an experience in and of itself. My dieting habits went right out the window; I had at least two cups of coffee a night, constantly grazed on snacks and had meals that were proportional to my stress level - hahaha.

You know what is incredible? How time flies when you are in college. I cannot believe that I am halfway through with my college career — it’s actually upsetting. If I could do my first two years all over again, I think I would. Redoing the past years is not out of regret, but out of a desire to relive. 

If I had to do it all over again, I would keep these things in mind as a first year:

1. Be open to try new things: I always suggest to prospective students and first-years that they should be open to trying new things. It really cannot hurt to do something you have never done, on the contrary, it will only give you a better understanding of what you do not like and what you do like.  

2. Make yourself a priority: Do what you want to do and follow your own agenda.

3. Everything happens for a reason: It is a good idea to have some sort of idea about what you want to do at Hamilton, who you want your friends to be and what academic goals you want to pursue. However, everything happens for a reason and though it may be a roadblock in your plan, in the greater scheme of things, there is always a way around it.

4. Always have a backup plan: Whether it is choosing classes, getting a meal with friends, housing or whatever else, always have a plan B. Cover all your bases so that whatever happens, you have something to fall back on.

5. Have fun: You are in college, and these are sincerely the best four years of your life. Never again will you be so free with your choices. Make sure every day counts because that’s another day you will not get back! 

I will be returning Hamilton at the end of the week for my Levitt research grant and then off to D.C. for the fall. As I move forward into the second half of my college career at Hamilton, I am very hopeful and very excited. I know it is not too late to try new things, and the prospects are plentiful.