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Dinosaur labels and bananagrams

November 7, 2010   I know it sounds rather silly, but I am super excited about the dinosaur sticker labels that arrived in the mail.

Part of my job as "Gear Princess" in the Glen House is to help keep track of the tremendous amount of stuff in the Glen House. So I've been spending my time ironing on white labels to articles of clothing and I will eventually stick dinosaur labels on other pieces of equipment. And through this whole ironing process, I managed to only ruin one shirt by burning it with the iron.

On a completely different note, I think I would go bonkers without outing club open hours. Like any other student here on the Hill, homework takes up a considerable amount of time. It’s quite lovely to know that twice a week I can head over to the Glen House and relax for a couple hours. It’s rather therapeutic. Of course, usually I take work with me in the hopes that I may get something done and use my time well. It never happens. But I guess it’s the thought that counts.

Open hours are always an adventure. If trips are going out, it can be quite chaotic, which is awesome because it’s great to see so many people heading out to the woods. Other times, I don’t even know what we do for two hours, except that we don’t get any work done. People jump out of laundry baskets and sleeping bag shelves or sit in a pile of sleeping bags eating spoonfuls of nutella.

Last Thursday, we played Bananagrams! Bananagrams is a fantastic game. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s like speed Scrabble. You start with seven tiles and you build your letters into something that you would make in a Scrabble game, adding letters as you go, all the while racing against other people to finish. And when you do finish and there are no more tiles left, you shout “BANANAS!” In my opinion, the best part is seeing what other people came up with for their words. Last Thursday, someone spelled Voldemort, but unfortunately, Scrabble rules don’t allow the use of proper nouns.

Sometimes, I just need a break. It’s wonderful to have such a time worked into my schedule. There’s a cap on the number of hours of reading that my eyes can handle and I can only think about a paper topic for so long before I want to tear my hair out. Drinking hot chocolate in the Glen House during open hours is probably not the most efficient use of my time. However, I would consider my evenings there to be time well spent, and most certainly not wasted.