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Everything I meant to do this weekend…

February 24, 2013   

Every once in a while, I think we all need a weekend to just take a break from everything related to academics, social events, and various activities on campus to just focus on ourselves. That is exactly what I did this weekend.

On Friday evening I attended the Bollywood Hamilton Friday Late Nite. It sounds a little self explanatory, but through the Friday Late Nite Program, any Hamilton club is given a stipend to provide some type of food, drink, and entertainment. We had food catered from Minar, an Indian restaurant just down the hill, and danced to popular Bollywood music.        

Of course as a student I cannot fully neglect my academic commitments during the weekend so I did a lot of readings for my classes throughout the day on Saturday. I then spent my evening catching up with a friend and watching a few Downton Abbey episodes. 

Like most of my Sundays, I sat in the Kirner Johnson building with my friends tackling all the readings, papers, and assignments due during the upcoming week.

I know I seriously missed some fun this weekend including: an a capella invitational by Special K (an all-Hamilton female a capella group) and their guest, the Columbia Knightsmen, two free on-campus showings of the Oscar-nominated movie Argo, a few parties hosted by my friends, and an Oscar- watching party with free pizza, snacks and hot chocolate. However, I am okay with this, because it’s always busy at Hamilton, and there will be more things happening later in the semester anyway!